Traditional Greek Instruments

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"Gaida" (Wind instrument)

Wind istrument of the bagpipe family Comes in Greece from Asia the 1st - 2nd century ac.There are two types of Greek bagpipes. The one is called "Gaida" and it is played in the mainland -Makedonia and Thrace- and the other one is called "Tsabouna" and it is played in the islands. The "bag" of the instrument is made of goat skin and they bhave pipes (avlous) ,made of wood, reed or bone.hey differ mainly in the sound production device.




The musical instrument of the Greek shepherds. t is played in the mainland. It is found in different sizes from 50-85 cm and it has 6-8 holes on its reed body. It's opened both sides of the reed. In order to be played it is holded at the right side. Its ambitus is 2.5 octaves

Zournas (Wind Instrument)

Zournas is a Greek Oboe. It belongs in the Ancient Greek family of "Avlos". It is made in different sizes from 22 to 60 cm long; it has 7 holes on its main body and one at the back and a double reed. It is made of very hard wood or of cheap metal. it has an extremely loud sound this is why it is an outdoor instrument and it's played together with "daouli" a percussion instrument
Mandoura (wind instrument)

Wind instrument made exclusively of reed. It is only 20-30 cm long. It has 5 holes and it produces 6 notes. It has a single reed very similar to the clarinet and it surprisingly has a very loud sound similar to "gaida" or tsabouna .. It is played in the islands and mostly in Crete.




Souravli - Disavli

Souravli is a type of avlos very similar to "flogera" but much smaller. It is made of reed or wood and it has a 2 octave ambitus. It is played in the islands. Disavli is an instrument made of "dio: (=two) souravlia of different size holded together. The smaller one has no holes and produces a single, loud sound and the other one has holes and plays the melody. Disavli is found in a Greek island of Kyklades calles "Naxos".

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Flogera Tamboura Daouli Trigonon
Bouzouki Defi Zilia  
Outi Touberleki Koutalakia(spoon)  
Santouri-Kanonaki Simadro Koudounakia(bell)